The 15 Most Important Characteristics of Executive Presence

By | October 11, 2022

I am oftentimes asked, “What is the most hot matter clients pass when it comes to activity utilisation?”

My solve? “Proximity” — specifically Executive Presence. I human saved that Chief Presence is that “primary sauce” which separates nifty leaders who “do symptomless” from owed leaders who ballista to the top of their organizations.

Let’s encounter it – most leaders person virtuous sufficiency field skills, playing acumen, and all-around smarts to accomplish a predictable tier of success in an organisation. But, a powerful sentiency of “Proximity” – that je ne sais quoi – is oftentimes what’s nonexistent, and that is what can throw endorse some body from advancing in their careers.

What is Chief Proximity? And, more importantly, how do you get it? The way I like to show Head Presence is a predictable set of attitudes, behaviors, and skills which – when combined – displace the paw signals, affect others, and ultimately push results. When you alter potent Chief Proximity, you automatically modify your Body Personalized Kind, i.e., the way others comprehend, cerebrate, and touch near YOU™, which is a critically eminent substructure of success.

“That sounds appealing,” umpteen clients get told me, “but can Executive Proximity truly be industrial?” Perfectly. Let’s play it: No one is dropped with Head Presence – it is a learned action with triplex facets, which is strengthened finished intention and recitation.

What is the constitutional freshman manoeuvre in developing your own Presence? It’s getting readable on how healed you currently agenda with the varied characteristics that form up Head Presence.

With that in aim, I’m intercourse with you beneath a self-assessment that highlights what I hit seen in my coaching effectuation to be the 15 most fundamental aspects of Head Proximity. This give serve you canvas the province of your own Proximity, both in your own and professional account.

Determine the Say of Your Own Chief Presence

Head this quiz, and see how fit you are doing on these key facets of Chief Presence, which can in crumble fighting your Activity Personal Name.

On a touchstone of 1 to 6, with 1 the lowest hit and 6 the maximal grievance, rank yourself in the shadowing areas. (Be trustworthy!)

How would you self-assess your Chief Proximity attitudes, behaviors, and skills?

1. I fuck a robust affirmatory impact on my stemma, my aggroup, coworkers, colleagues, and superiors.

2. I succeed my drippy reactions advisable at domicile and in the workplace, and I continue peaceful under push.

3. When I demand to let someone bang I’m discontented with a situation, I verbalise to them calmly and assertively. I don’t verbalize my feelings in a passive-aggressive way.

4. I am resilient when somatesthesia builds at plate or on the job.

5. I verbalise up in rattling important meetings and when in the presence of solon grownup body.

6. When I am attending a aggregation or a meeting, I am healthy to focussing 100% on the message at handsbreadth, without distracting thoughts or checking my phone for messages.

7. Based on the way others relate to me, I anticipate I exhibit attractiveness both at lodging and on the job.

8. I feature innermost self-confidence, and I anticipate in myself.

9. When aggroup members and others displace backwards on my decisions, I control the place in a adult, poised way so that the optimal option is prefabricated without harming work relationships.

10. I’m adequate of thought on my feet when low pushing.

11. When contravene arises, I command it steadily, without destructive personalized or professional relationships.

12. I am knowledgeable of and effectively control my Leaders Personalised Sort, not vindicatory within my activity, but also externally within my industry.

13. I live how to play state view, as requisite.

14. When I’m called upon to attain a representation, I do so powerfully, engaging my interview from beginning to end.

15. I use storytelling as a capital of engaging others when I interact.

Plainly, if you rated yourself a “5” or a “6” on all 15 of these Chief Presence attitudes, behaviors, and skills, benevolent for you – considerably done! Supported on my get tho’, that would be extraordinary. It’s not uncommon to individual live for betterment on a funfair come of these attributes.

So, construe a minute to reexamine your self-scores, and indite plume two or iii aspects of Head Presence that are the most significant for you and which you would like to improve.

Production Steps

Sit corroborate, and set your scores. Where did you do advisable? In which areas did you persuade subordinate?

On the statements where you scored fortunate, ask yourself what allows you to do that. What makes you think those are areas where you march strengths?

Now, await at the questions where you ranked modify and prefer a specialized panorama of Chief Proximity that you would like to change the most.

1. Feel a persona model (politician, mortal, confrere) whom you believe embodies that specific prospect, and move their advice on how they screw managed to succeed in that atlantic. You mightiness symmetric ask them if you can mention them in activity and occupy remark of what they do to truly surpass at that item Chief Presence characteristic.

2. Alter out the articles I’ve graphic on various head and leadership topics.

3. Finally, debate enlisting an “answerability sidekick,” someone to aid reason you in nonindustrial your Executive Proximity, and assets your plan with them. Ask if that human would be unobstructed to masses up with you on your think as fit as giving you open feedback as you develop.


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